The current head of state for the country of Helvetia.


The Archduke of Helvetia is the current head of state of the country of Helvetia. He is the father of the deceased Princess Iliya, who was known for her kindness, beauty, and talent for playing the trumpet. During his marriage, he had an extramartial affair with a woman who gave birth to a girl, Rio Kazumiya . Because the relationship was a forbidden one, the Archduke would rarely visit his mistress to avoid a scandal that would hurt the nation. As a result, this strained his relationship with Rio Kazumiya especially when he wasn't there when Rio's mother passed away. When Princess Iliya died trying to save a drowning child before she could be betrothed to the Emperor of Rome to help improve relations between the two nations to end the war, the Archduke didn't have a legitmate heir to inherit the throne or help improve relations. As a result, Rio Kazumiya became the second heir to the throne despite her birth and claim by law was technically illegitimate. As a result, Rio Kazumiya joined the Helvetian Army to get away from the city and from her father. Aware of his strained relationship with his only daughter, he constantly sent her letters trying to make amends. However, because the peace talks with Rome was breaking down, the Archduke personally pleaded on the hotline to the Clocktower Fortress when the hotline was being tested to his daughter for the sake of the country. When this failed, he wrote letters and had them specially delivered. Eventually, Rio Kazumiya returned to the capitol on her own accord and agreed to offer her hand in marriage to the Emperor of Rome to end the war. However, it is still evident that the relationship between father and daughter is still strained because he never came in person to Seize to try and make amends to his daughter.


  • Wife-Passed away
  • Princess Iliya -Daughter, the legitimate heir to the Helvetian throne.
  • Rio Kazumiya's Mother - Mistress who bore an illegitamite daughter
  • Rio Kazumiya -Daughter - a child born in a forbidden relationship.