The 1147th Platoon is a tank platoon of the Army of Helvetia. It uses a bull (according to a Newtype article) or a bug (as seen in episode 7) as the unit emblem. The unit was most likely stationed in Seize before being order to join the Helvetian forces marching to Vingt. Sadly, the unit was decimated during the battle and there was only one survivor, Filicia Heideman.

Filica's old unit consisted of five soldiers that manned a conventional spider tank. They were all killed in action except Filicia who was saved by Princess Iria.

Yukiko MiyaokaEdit

The commanding officer of the 1147th Platoon. She was killed in action during the Battle at Vingt.

Olga (Origa?) TolstayaEdit

The gunner of the tank.

Anna BlumeEdit

The bugler.

Martina SyrovyEdit

The driver of the tank.

Filicia HeidemanEdit

The youngest member of the platoon and served as the loader for the tank until her unit was wiped out at Vingt.

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