As of now, the wiki is abandoned in favor of

Edit: To any lost soul still roaming this land, has been shut down permanently. Thanks for your continuing interest in Sora no Woto.

Wikia sucks Edit

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This shit (look right) is not acceptable.

  • The wikia layout is fucking horrible, it looks like Daimidaler's site, for fuck's sake.
  • The pictures take ages to load, the pages are so filled with scripts they make smooth browsing impossible and the ads (at least apparently, I block them) are everywhere. No seriously, try browsing without blocking them, it's impossible.
  • MediaWiki is bloated and yet it misses some useful functions, organizing content on a page is hard without filling it with inline css and html. DokuWiki with a few plugins works much better and
  • DokuWiki is much more portable and can easily be backed up with plugins. If the new wiki ever goes down we'll provide a download link for everything, and anybody can just download it and host it on his server.

TL;DR Edit

Wikia is 2slow and I don't like how it looks.

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.... I'm sorry but.... I want to be an admin senpai....