Noel - Witch of Helvetia
Alternate name Helvetia no Majo
Japanese name ヘルベチアの魔女
Developer(s) Munkkya
Release date(s) 2012
Platform(s) PC
Genre(s) Shoot em' up
Game Mode(s) Single Player
Official Site

Noel Witch of Helvetia is a fan-made side-scrolling Shoot Em' Up, made by S (music) and Munkkya (programming and graphics), starring two of the characters from the Sora no Woto anime.

The game is available for download from the developer's website; the download link also includes the remixed versions of the OP and ED in .mp3 format.


Due to the nature of this game excessive gameplay may result in motion sickness. Please play responsibly and in moderate doses.



The deep and compelling plot of the game

The incredible flabbergasting plot involves something about Noel receiving a letter and riding her broom just to suddenly encounter Ohana saying something about her Onee-chan, who probably is Keion-chan, aka Kanata.

More updates coming soon.


Standard Shoot Em' Up controls:

Arrow Keys Movement
Z/Spacebar/Enter Shoot
X Bomb attack
F10 Pause
Esc Quit game


The game features Noel Kannagi as the player, Kanata Sorami as the final boss and other characters from their respective anime as regular enemies:

Ohana Matsumae Hanasaku Iroha
Nessa Fractale
Minami Kawashima Moshidora
Setsuko Grave of Fireflies

The enemies also comprehend three types of mushrooms and two unidentified robots/mechas.


The game features the remixed version of both the OP and ED of the Sora no Woto anime. The remixes are included in the download on the developer's website.


けいおんちゃんSTG - ヘルベチアの魔女 Demo

けいおんちゃんSTG - ヘルベチアの魔女 Demo

First trailer of the game

けいおんちゃんSTG - ヘルベチアの魔女

けいおんちゃんSTG - ヘルベチアの魔女

Gameplay demonstration.