Noëlle Kannagi
Noëlle in episode 1.
Japanese name 寒凪 乃絵留
First appearance Episode 1
Voiced by Aoi Yuuki
Gender Female
Age 15
Height 153 cm
Rank Corporal (伍長)
Nationality Helvetian (?)


  • The platoon's pilot and mechanic.
  • Can drive a car, read a map using a compass, and is most likely adept at light weapons.
  • Left handed, including firing guns, e.g. a MG-42 machine gun in ep06.
  • Likes machines and is knowledgeable about mechanical engineering, enabling her to restore the tank to combat readiness.
  • Knowledgeable about different cultures and science. Her extensive knowledge with science most likely factored her being recruited by Colonel Hopkins to resurrect the "Invisible Reaper".
  • Resurrected the Invisible Reaper, a biological weapon that was used to wipe out three cities of the Roman Empire and thus dubbed 'The Witch of Helvetia' by the Romans.
  • Receives in episode 5 a letter from a professor, probably from the Sept region
  • She knows about Filicias past. She was there or had a similar experience.
  • ep07
    • Might have been at the same battle (or had a similar experience) as Filicia.
  • Dreams of marrying


  • Possibly sleeps on tank rather than in the barracks.
  • Stays awake late into the night fixing the spider tank which causes her to be very tired. Hence sleeping disorder.
  • Possibly fires guns with her right hand.
  • Rio, Naomi and Filicia share a secret.
  • Knows a lot about the previous era.
  • Feels uneasy about using machines for war.
  • She probably was at the battlefield where Filicia lost her whole Platoon, yet it was stated that Filicia was the sole survivor, thus Noel might have been with Princess Iliya Arkadia in the same Platoon.
  • Speculation is that she might not know about her real family, and only has the Professor as her adopted family

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