The unamed Sergeant first appears in Episode 1


The sergeant was either drafted or volunteered to join the Helvetian Army. He is evidently skillful in playing cards with his comrades on the train in Helvetia. After winning one game, he shared his winnings by giving Kanata Sorami a jar of caramel candy. His friendliness and fatherly personality helped the new recruit to open up with the rest of the soldiers on the train. He also encouraged his comrades to be polite to the buglers because they would play out the signals clearly including a retreat. It is most likely he was assigned to another border patrol unit until Episode 11. In Episode 11, he and his comrades were marching with other units of the Helvetian Army to intercept the approaching Roman Army near Seize. Despite his opposition to continuing the war, he was determined to continue fighting as it was a soldier's duty. When he and the Helvetian Army was ordered to stand down by Rio Kazumiya, he and his comrades were the first ones to embrace the new peace by throwing their weapons and helmets in the air. He also called out to the Private, who played Amazing Grace and the sound of peace amazigly well, helping to end the conflict.