梅雨ノ空・玻璃ノ虹 - Rainy Season Sky: Quartz Rainbow
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date 25 January 2010
Written by Hiroyuki Yoshino
Directed by Yasuhiro Tanabe
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Noel tries to set up a certain tank system (sniper) that needs a pair of lenses but is unable to get it working, due to problems with the lenses.

Kanata and Noel leave for several errands and visit the glass-work store from Episode 1, where they withdraw (?) some money, and later a glass factory.

While there, Kanata and Noel talk a bit and as Noel falls asleep, Kanata has a talk with Carl, one of the few glassmaking masters of the country and the owner (?) of the factory. He advises her to not try too hard when trying to play her bugle and let the sound flow by itself. Kanata following his advice manages to play the bugle call right.

Later, they manage to get the right lenses for the tank due to Kanatas hearing ability to sort out the lenses that don't have the right amount of mixed in minerals. With the lenses, they manage to complete the set-up for the main gun.


  • Scene were the tank plays Amazing Grace from Episode 3
  • The glass-work store "Windmill" from Episode 1. Also from Episode 1, the fountain described in this episode by Noel as "modeled after the twelfth Helvetian Archduke Akira Arcadia II." and the glass factory that was seen shortly after.


New CharactersEdit

  • Seiya, a war oprhan. He hates soldiers.
  • Carl, the glass factory owner. It is implied that he has some sort of relationship with the glass store owner Naomi from Episode 1. (one of the five people in the nation bearing the title of Meister)
  • Maria, an apprentice (may or may not be blood related with Carl)

Cultural ReferencesEdit

The area around Seize seems to be well known for glass works which has a certain similarity to quite a few places (in our world, for example Murano and Venice).

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

The Windmill shopkeeper Naomi questions Noel if Kanata knows yet. What she doesn't know could be related to what Kureha might have figured out in ep02.

What's the Oath of Paradores? (speculah: an oath soldiers have to take that binds them to fight for their country no matter what). Note Paradores is the IRL name of the Fortress of Time (part of a chain of hotels). The oath was probably taken for the first time in a Paradores place, hence the name.


As Noel states, the seas have become inhabitable.

Glass is left over from when after a nuclear bomb explodes because of the heat produced turns the soil into glass. Thus the term "glassed"means nuked, this could have significance as the episode says that there are a lot of glass deposits around the area of Sieze.




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