山踏ミ・世界ノ果テ - Mountain Hiking: The Ends of the World
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date February 2, 2010, 01:30-02:00 (JST)
Written by Hiroyuki Yoshino
Directed by Yuuki Itoh
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Kraus is the Man

The squad take a 'field trip' to the mountains where some observers need a maintenance check. Kanata, Kureha and Noel are forced to carry heavy backpacks on their hike up. Whilst they find the first observer quickly, the next one lies at the top of a mountain. They take a break at a running river but soon return to find their backsacks ravaged of their food and their compass. Despite the hunger, they eventually manage to find the remaining observers. At the last observer, Felicia shows the others signatures left by former members who had observed No Man's Land from that point. They are then taken to a hot spring where Rio, who had fought against a boar to get some berries, awaits.

Observer Edit

The first observer projects a series of kanji, in order of appearance: 音羽葉水白碧鳥山世空靜色果文

Significance unknown, makes no sense in Mandarin and in Japanese. However, just before the words disappear, 文 and 山 overlapped and became 凶.

Quick run through jwpce:

  • 音 - (n,n-suf) sound, note, (P)
  • 羽 - (n) feather, plume, wing, (P)
  • 葉 - (n) leaf, (P)
  • 水 - (n) (1) water, (P)
  • 白 - (n) white, (P)
  • 碧 - ?? Blue, green
  • 鳥 - (n) bird, fowl, poultry, (P)
  • 山 - (n) (1) mountain, (2) pile, heap, (3) climax, critical point, (P)
  • 世 - (n) world, society, age, generation, (P)
  • 空 - (n) emptiness, (P) / (n) sky, the heavens, (P) / (n) hollow, cavity, hole
  • 靜 - ?? Quiet
  • 色 - (n) (1) colour, color, (2) sensuality, lust, (P)
  • 果 - ?? Fruit, reward, carry out, achieve, complete, end, finish, succeed
  • 文 - (n) letter, writings, (P) / (n) sentence, (P) / (n) (1) figure, design

Items preceded by a ?? lack dictionary entries and are the meaning of the kanji itself.

Noel uses a Mauser C96

Jacket top


references to previous episodes


  • Filicia and Rio probably visited the last observer together (Rio's name is directly below Filicia's)

New CharactersEdit

Cultural ReferencesEdit

-Major Klaus' name of "The Desert Wolf" is most likely is a reference to "The Desert Fox", Field Marshall Erwin Rommell, who was the leader of German forces in North Africa during WWII

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

Which way is north?

What is the relationship between Noel and Mr. Pro Fessor?

What mail did Rio not want to see?

What's the meaning of the Holograms in the observers?

How do the observers get energy?

Did Rio kill the boar bare-handed?


Filicia: From your beloved Professor.

Kanata: Professor?

Noël: Yes.

Noël: His family name is Pro, his given name is Fessor.

Noël: They're very common names in Sept.

Kanata: Mr. Fessor, huh?

Kanata: It's wonderful that you have friends from so far away!

Noël: I'm sorry.

Noël: It was a joke.

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