Crickets Chirping: Offerings to the Deceased
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date February 16, 2010, 01:30-02:00 (JST)
Written by Hiroyuki Yoshino
Storyboard by Shin Matsuo
Directed by Shin Matsuo
Animation Director Takuya Kawai
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Japanese name 蝉時雨・精霊流シ
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  1. Fiesta des Lumieres is prepped for
    1. (Festival of the lanterns)
    2. Unique to southern Helvetia
    3. Originated from a folk religion that believed that during the summer the ghosts would come back
      1. Floating paper lanterns down the river sends the ghosts back
        1. Relation to the ghost seen in ep02?
      2. Kanata seems to be from a place that practices a version of this folk religion. She calls this festival Obon.
    4. The Central Orthodox Church is against such beliefs
      1. But due to the remoteness of Seize, the local church practices it
  2. Filicia Heideman no Yuutsu
    1. Filicia is depressed as she makes lanterns for her dead
    2. Kanata goes to comfort her
      1. Rio stops Kanata
      2. Rio says there is a part of her life she doe not want to speak of
        1. Kanata and Kureha are not aware of this
    3. Noel goes to comfort her
      1. Noel: “Do you know what happened to her, Rio?”
      2. Rio: “I read the files”
      3. Noel: “Well I have first hand experience” (implying that either she was there or had same experience herself)
  3. Filicia flashback pt1.
    1. Filicia fought with a small squad of girls in a walking tank
    2. World dying
      1. Filicia’s comrades find it hard to believe that life once existed in the sea
      2. “Did you hear that the world is slowly ending and someday there will be no humans?”
        1. “If that is true, then what are we fighting for?”
    3. Filicia’s squad dies
      1. Only Filicia lives.
    4. Filicia finds dead old era soldier
      1. She can not read his Japanese writing
      2. Old era soldier talks to Filicia (see part 4 below)
        1. He is shocked that there are still survivors in the current day.
  4. The Dead Soldier’s Flashback within Filicia’s Flashback
    1. Hallucination for Filicia?
      1. But is an actual flashback from the old era soldier
      2. Flashback within a flashback
    2. Old era soldier says that he is very sorry
      1. Why?
        1. Because he lost against “them”
          1. He could not protect humanity against “them”
        2. Old Era Soldier flashback then shows his flashback of humanity’s walking tanks shooting rounds at “them” in a city.
          1. “Them” is only shown in the reflection of a building
            1. The reflection of “them” seems to be a very large bird
              1. Related to the skeleton Kanata found?
            2. Is the city Nomans Land?
  5. Filicia Flashback pt2. (Old Era Soldier’s flashback ends, now we are back in Filicia’s original flashback)
    1. Old era soldier tells Filicia that:
      1. That “the world already ended”
      2. That “You are just the dregs, the last few bubbles in the bowl.”
        1. Dregs: Noun.
          1. The remnants of a liquid left in a container, with any sediment or grounds.
          2. Figurative: the most worthless part or parts of something: “the dregs of Society”.
      3. That “Humanity and the world will never shine as it did before.”
        1. “This is the truth, so just end it”
        2. “Living pathos in the dregs of the world, in this despair? It’s far too desolate."
          1. Pathos: Noun.
            1. A quality that evokes pity or sadness: the actor injects his customary humor and pathos into the role.
    2. Filicia says no to his “just end it” statement
      1. The dead old era soldier says:
        1. “Why? Does remaining in this world have any meaning?”
          1. Filicia then hears a horn playing Amazing Grace
    3. Filicia is saved
      1. Filicia further protests the dead old era soldier’s “just end it” suggestion by calling out to the Amazing Grace horn player, “I am here! I am alive! Please save me!”
      2. The horn player comes to save Filicia
        1. The horn player is The Blonde
        2. Filicia addresses The Blonde as “Your Highness, Princess Iria”
        3. Iria seems to be fighting as a soldier
        4. Iria says she is sorry that her corps did not come a day sooner
    4. Filicia Flashback Ends.
  1. Night of the Fiesta des Lumieres
    1. Filicia notes that Rio ignored this last year, but is practicing it this year.
      1. Rio seems to want to make a lantern for someone
        1. Therefore this person must be dead
        2. “She used to mean everything to me. I thought I wanted to protect my country, my people, like she did. But sometimes I think, ‘Is there is any meaning in it?’ So if she really did come back… I wanted her to tell me.”
      2. Rio says that Filicia was “on the front lines at the battle at Vingt-et-Un”
    2. The girls place their lanterns for the dead in the water
      1. Noel does not have one
        1. Speculation is that she might not know about her real family, and only has as her adopted family?
      2. Filicia has the names of her flashback squad and on hers
      3. Kureha prays for both her parents
      4. Rio prays for her mother and sister
    3. The girls come out of the closet to each other
      1. "I love you!"
    4. The Priest is shocked at the sight of Rio practicing the festival
      1. Ep03 showed signs that Rio did not get along with the people at the church in the past
  2. The show ends


Summary of entire episode.....


Horrid memories of the past and sights of the battlefield haunt Filicia. Her dispirited behavior worries Kanata. On the day of the festival approaches a light of requiem.



Meanwhile, everyone prepares for Fiesta des Lumiéres, which starts to bring bad memories for Filicia, whose teammates were killed in a previous battle. Voices in her head were telling her to kill herself, but she was rescued by the girl who plays Amazing Grace, Princess Iria. The girls later send off paper lanterns in the river and Filicia tells Rio her reason for living. Meanwhile, a priest seems to recognise Rio from somewhere.


references to previous episodes


  • The sounds that the girls are making in the preview are from different kinds of crickets and cicadas, typical summer insects (compare also the title of the episode).

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Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The cucumber and eggplant figures that Kanata builds in the preview represent horses (cucumber) and oxen (eggplant). They are used in the traditional memorial services during the Bon festival in Japan to swiftly bring back home the spirits of the deceased with the horses and slowly send them back at the end of the festival with the oxen (compare also the title of the episode).

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Even in the flashback, Filicia is shown to have been afraid of lightning since before.
    • She was shown afraid of lightining in ep2.


From the preview:

Noel: Jii jii jii jii jii jii jii
Kanata: Mii mii mii mii mii mii mii mii
Rio: Tsukutsukuou! shutusukuou!
Kureha: Shu shu shu shu
Kanata: *Sneeze* MIIIIIIIIII~~??
Rio: Tsukutsu....

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