蒼穹ニ響ケ - Sound of the Blue Sky
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date March 23, 2010, 02:00-02:30 (JST) (last TV episode)
Written by Hiroyuki Yoshino
Directed by Mamoru Kanbe
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Last TV episode: Kanata commits treason and whether or not they go to war depends on the rest of the 1121st's decision.

Translation of the preview:

Many things happened since I came to this town. I made good friends. Kureha and Noel, Filicia, who is like a mother and Rio Sempai that taught me the great 'sound of the skies' (Sora no Woto). I really like the time-keeper fortress.

Kureha: Kanata

Noel: Kanata

Filicia: Kana-chan

Rio: Kanata!

Kanata: HAAAAI [TL Note: Yes means yes]

Everyone is calling me, so I'll go then.

Next time: 'Resonate in the blue sky'

From Kanata = See you again on the other side [Kanata yori; it's a play of words since the name Kanata means "from the other side"]」


  • The soldiers from episode 1 reappears with the Helvetian forces.
  • Rio Kazumiya Arkadia reappears in this episode.


  • In some displays of the tank, some upside-down english texts are shown, probably automatically translated texts about this series.

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  • The Emperor "Franz Leopold Karl von Wittelsbach" (compare Wittelsbach on wikipedia) and the Archduke "Akira August (?) Arkadia" signed the peace treaty on 22.2. 272 AP.

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  • Kureha: Translate it!
  • Noel: Okaeri.
  • Rio: Tadaima.
  • Kanata, Kureha: Okaeri nasai! (mass glomp attack)

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