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The story follows Kanata Sorami, a young girl from a country known as Helvetia who decides to join the military to learn how to play the trumpet after meeting a young woman who performed the piece Amazing Grace in front of her, a memory that would remain quite vivid to Kanata for several years. Kanata arrives in the town of Seize, lying on the fringes of Helvetia where she joins the local 1121st Platoon. Throughout the series Kanata slowly learns more about the post apocalyptic world around her and establishes a strong bond with the members of her platoon as they help the people of Seize.

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  • Games
    • Noel - Witch of Helvetia - backup
    • The visual novel, Sora no Woto Otome no Gojuusou
    • VN's background music
  • Manga
    • First scanlated chapter of the manga
    • Raws of chapters 1 to 7
  • Transcriptions
    • Amazing Grace Transcribed by Lawrell & steenuil - Transcriber's version went missing.
    • Après la Pluie, le Beau Temps
  • First episode's japanese subs - For the Sora no Wobros who are learning moonrunes
  • The Wikia trailer - backup
  • Stay Frosty Oscar Mike - Soramirez Do Everything - backup

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Sora No Woto Wiki unofficial trailer

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