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Sora no Woto: Otome no Gojuusou
Regular Edition box art
Alternate name Sound of the Sky: Quintet of Maidens
Japanese name ソ・ラ・ノ・ヲ・ト 乙女ノ五重奏
Developer(s) Compile Heart
Publisher(s) XAX Entertainment Inc.
Release date(s) May 27, 2010
Platform(s) PSP
Genre(s) Visual Novel
Game Mode(s) Single Player
Official Site Compile Heart Website

Sora no Woto: Otome no Gojuusou is a Visual Novel developed by Compile Heart and published by XAX Entertainment Inc. based on the anime Sora no Woto. The game was developed and released for the PlayStation Portable in 2010.

The game is a rather short, really light-hearted comedy and slice of life and it does not actually have a great deal of plot, but it adds a couple of things to the story of the animation. A lot of the game, especially in the first half, is fanservice material, but the game, subjectively, delivers if you're already a Sora no Woto fan.

WARNING: This section contains unmarked spoilers for the game, as light on plot as it is. It is highly recommended to play it before reading.


After the truce has been established, Kazumiya Rio returned to the town of Seize to join her friends for the remainder of her military service. And it was a consequence of the truce that caused the Time-Telling Fortress maidens to embark on a new adventure - since the strategic value of the outpost has sharply fallen, the headquarters stopped sending them timely supplies and the 1121st Platoon was left without any food to speak of.

Meanwhile, the town was planning a festival to commemorate the truce and the revitalization of Seize itself. The Commerce Guild struck a deal with the 1121st Platoon: they will provide the necessary supplies if the girls, known for their role as the Maidens of Fire, perform as a musical ensemble during the stage show. Not being able to refuse such a deal, the owl-branded squad has started practicing the one song they all knew with their heart, finding their own ways to feel and understand the melody as they went along.

As if the issue with supplies was not enough, strange things start to happen and even the fortress itself has been penetrated. The culprit ends up being an eccentric beauty in a military uniform by the name of Kyrie Kuon, and it's up to the 1121st Platoon to decide whether she can be trusted. But despite her erratic behaviour, Kyrie is dedicated to a mission of her own, or rather, a promise given a long time ago that she has been unable to fulfill. A promise that would once again unite the maidens of the fortress with the sound of the skies, with the fate that brought them all together to the fortress that housed a school of music in the times long past.


The gameplay is pretty usual for visual novels. On most days you can choose the character you're going to follow during the day and there are some occasional choices to make. The main story is linear, but on every particular day there is a lot of light branching.

The goal of the game is to level up the performance power of all five maidens up to level 3 before the day of the festival (day 12). In practice though, you only have eight days where you can actually influence things. Maxing out everyone's levels allows you to see the true ending. If you max out a relationship meter between two characters, you'll get a special scene and two letters from these characters, for a total of 20 possible letters.

Contrary to what you might expect after looking at the screenshots, the game does not actually feature any rhythm parts (or any actual gameplay for that matter besides the choices), those are non-interactive nightly practice sessions that can be skipped altogether.


Sora no Woto: Otome no Gojuusou: Walkthrough


Schermata 2013-01-20 a 23.40.26

The developers, laughing at our ignorance in front of their obscure encoders and file types. Now we're laughing at them since we cracked that.

The VN has been translated by #okaysubs, and the patch was released on 2016/05/06.

The translation patch is available here.

Limited EditionEdit


Special telephone card


Limited edition box art

The Limited edition, released on the same date as the regular one, besides featuring a different cover, also includes content not present in the regular one:

  • 1121st Platoon Enlistment Materials
  • 1121st Platoon Patch
  • 1121st Platoon Leisure Sheet

A special telephone card was also added in some copies.


The translation patch is available here. You can download a pre-patched ISO here.


Trailer and gameplay videosEdit

Sora no Woto Otome no Gojuusou trauker

Sora no Woto Otome no Gojuusou trauker

Gameplay video illustrating the rhythm sections

Gameplay video illustrating the rhythm sections.

Same as above

Same as above.

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