Japanese name ユミナ
First appearance Episode 3
Voiced by Fukuen Misato
Gender Female
Age 16
Nationality Helvetian


Yumina is the daughter of a traveling merchant. It is highly likely her mother passed away due to birth complications. In her early childhood, she traveled with her father, which didn't give her any time to make friends. It is possible that she and her father traveled extensively throughout the Roman Empire where she became fluent in the Roman language. Eventually, her father may have left her at the orphanage at the town of Seize or she and her father settled there. She was ordained as a sister at the local church and serves as a nurse and a caretaker for the orphans housed in the church's facilities. She is adept in the arts of healing such as using locally grown herbs to cure Kanata Sorami when she was striken with malaria. Because of her motherly nature, all the orphans regard to her as their second mother. She is highly religious and observes all religious functions such as naming ceremonies and Obon. Despite her many skills, she has a low tolerance for alcohol as seen in Episode 7.5.

She remains friendly with the members of the 1121st Platoon, particularly Private Kanata Sorami . In the last episode, she reveals to Kanata that if she left the Church, she would become a clothes designer, particularly a fashion designer in dresses.

  • Is a miko/nun at a church/shrine


  • Takes care of homeless/sick children from the town
  • Has some sort of past with Rio as they both get startled when they see each other for the first time in ep3, although they didn't know each other's name.